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The business lawyers with Metropolis Business Law Group can assist your business with a full array of legal services tailored to the needs of your company. As Tampa business lawyers, we focus on the inception, development, growth, disposition and defense of companies in all industries.  We take pride in our creativity and efficiency in problem solving and alternative dispute resolution techniques. Unlike larger firms with high overhead and big costs, our business lawyers have the flexibility to keep your legal costs lower while providing your company with quality representation. [accordion ]  [panel title=” Business Formation ” ] Business Formation. Interested in starting or formally organizing your company but don’t know how? A business lawyer with Metropolis Business Law can help with that. Whether you’re looking to set up a Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation, our business lawyers can help start your company on the right track with thorough and detailed advice.  Call today to setup your free consultation! [/panel][panel title=” Problem Prevention ” ] The contract review and drafting services offered by the business lawyers with Metropolis Business Law Group afford your company the security of well organized, written agreements that protect your corporation’s interests and income. We believe that the best way to solve a problem is by preventing it from ever arising through the creation of detailed and thorough contracts.  Our business lawyers offer both standard and custom contract services for: commercial standard-form agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure contracts, non-competition , independent contractor agreements, and operating agreements.  Consultations are available daily. [/panel][panel title=” Dispute Resolution & Litigation ” ] Dispute Resolution & Litigation. Disputes arise all too often in the course of business which detract from the operation and the finances of the company. A business lawyer can help. We handle disputes through alternative dispute resolution programs, negotiations and mediations, and through direct correspondence to avoid costly and unnecessary litigation. However, in the event an agreement cannot be reached, or to prevent damage to your company, our business lawyers offer full service litigation in contract disputes, breach of contract, trade secret infringement, and other commercial litigation services. Make an appointment today for your free consultation![/panel][panel title=” Corporate Counsel Services “] Corporate Counsel Services. Our business attorneys at Metropolis Business Law Group offer the same services provided by General Counsels and In House Corporate Counsels to businesses in the Tampa bay region. Our services are designed to meet your budget while still providing the legal security and advantage of having an attorney that personally knows you and your company.  Call for a free consultation today![/panel][/accordion] Are you or your company facing a lawsuit?  We can help with that.  Our Tampa business lawyers have experience in Trade Secret Litigation, Complex Business Litigation, and Commercial Litigation involving breaches of contract, contract enforcement, civil injunctions and fraud. Does your company require regular representation?  Property management companies, commercial services companies and other industries in the Tampa Bay area require the services of a business lawyer every day.  Don’t make the mistake of paying a paralegal or a process server to perform work that should be handled by licensed business attorney.  Our firm offers representation for evictions, ejectments, foreclosure defense, as well as drafting custom form contracts to help your business manage its accounts receivables.  Call us today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help your company! [postgallery_accordion content=”textimage” slidesetid=”Main Footer” undefined id=”2″ height=”210″ width=”940″ autoplay=”disable” minititles=”enable” /]